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Data Governance and Security

Without a proper data governance and security strategy, your sensitive data – such as IP or client information – is always at risk of a breach. The rapid change in where and how data is processed has led to the need for new data management practices.


Organizations today create massive amounts of business and personnel data in structured as well as unstructured formats. Traditionally this data has been kept guarded behind a firewall and is often governed through disparate offerings or solutions that do not integrate well together. Today data is no longer within the enterprise firewall, but outside the firewall such as in public cloud environments. This data is normally created from multiple data sources, used in various business functions and becomes outdated over time.


As was the case with paper-based records, this structured and unstructured content needs to be processed, reported, analyzed and defensibly disposed upon expiry, all while ensuring security of sensitive data elements. Data governance policies define data processes, privileges for accessing confidential data, and practices to maintain data quality, security and privacy.


To facilitate the adoption of data governance in your organization, iShare offers – through our partnership with IBM – consulting and implementation services on IBM’s information governance platform. The platform includes cloud and on-premise solutions for master data management, data movement, data security, privacy and archiving. Our data governance & security services include:


  • Integrating, transforming, profiling and cleansing data
  • Providing complete view of the business entities
  • Preserving privacy and protecting data
  • Managing the data lifecycle


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