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To help our customers – in every possible way – justify their trust and investment in us, we offer a staffing service that enables us to contribute to their success across a wide array of skills which may not be our core offering. We also understand, in our core skill set, that some of our clients would want to execute on their own once operational – our staffing services can assist them in that as well to make them successful.


iShare staffing services provide temporary and full-time placement services to our select clients. This practice is supported by a team of experienced recruiters and technical evaluators. iShare staffing has robust screening processes in place to ensure only genuine and qualified candidates are submitted to clients, therefore avoiding the fraudulent submissions often prevalent in the industry.


Our people-focused approach to driving targeted value is our key differentiator from regular staffing firms. It’s not about amassing resumes and filling positions – it’s about the perfect fit achieved through recruitment acumen and selectivity. We don’t submit mediocre candidates, which explains our high success rate from submission to selection.


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